Fabiana Mejalelaty specializes in executive coaching processes for the development of leadership skills and team building. She has extensive experience in management, strategy and leadership of local and regional teams, which positions her to provide concrete and proven tools as a coach based on her own experience.

Fabiana holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Economics Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Andrés. She is an Ontological Coach graduated from the Rafael Echeverría School, and an NLP Practitioner graduated from the Richard Bandler School.

Initially, Fabiana earned certification as a Coach to be a better CEO, while leading the company she founded in 2002, which manufactured gourmet cookies in its model certified plant for clients such as Starbucks, Mc Donald’s and supermarket chains. Once she became coach, she completely changed perspective and decided that her mission was to share that knowledge with the world and help in the transformation of other leaders, and thus decided to pursue her Executive Coach career.

Fabiana has extensive work experience, ranging from Strategic Consulting in Booz Allen & Hamilton, through working in the United States in a Mergers and Acquisitions team reporting to the Board of Directors of Sara Lee Corporation, to returning to Argentina to open Sara Lee’s offices in Argentina and acquire the local leader in underwear, Sol y Oro. Fabiana was also Regional Manager at Western Union, until she decided to start her own company that she led for 16 years.

Her perspective is truly unique, combining all her experience and hard and soft skills: a multicultural vision developed in her assignments in Argentina, the United States and the region; a strategic vision leveraging on her consulting expertise and her experience in new projects; and a career in the leadership of management teams, optimized by her being a coach. Fabiana has extensive experience and knowledge in Entrepreneurship, enabling her to use her creativity, her strategic vision and her problem-solving skills to help her coachees develop strategies that allow them to overcome business and leadership problems.

Since 2018, she is an Associate Consultant for WP CONSULTANTS, an Executive Search | People & Teams firm based in Buenos Aires.


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