When teams malfunction, it is like a virus that infects the system, generating poor results, a bad atmosphere and talent churn.

  • Teams are like Formula 1 cars. They run at 300 km per hour but need to enter the pits for a few seconds so that they can reach the finish line.
  • We are mechanics specializing in teams.
  • We create the right context to remove the engine cover and see what is not working well, what the bottleneck is, what is misaligned, what oil the team needs to avoid friction and wear among people.
  • We do it in a safe and caring environment.
  • We take care of lubricating relationships, coordinating actions responsibly among members.
  • We load the defined strategy in the GPS, setting concrete steps to be carried out.
  • Our ultimate goal is for the engine to sound like a philharmonic, whose members are both proud and passionate for being part of it.

Daniel Posternak, the Partner in charge of the area, is a specialist in the field, with more than 25 years of experience with teams.