The culture describes the norms of behavior that have been established and are considered valid in each company. It translates into a set of symbols, behaviors and processes that are in use.

There are 5 cultural archetypes, driven by:

  • Innovation.
  • Results.
  • Processes.
  • People.
  • Clients.

Companies may have different priorities in terms of their culture, but one cannot have 5 simultaneous priorities.

It is advisable to have a primary and a secondary focus.

We propose a sixth orientation that IS applicable for all companies. The Culture of Purpose, which means connecting people with THE PURPOSE for which they work and the impact that the company has on society.

Although it is a complex matter, it is possible to approach it in a practical way, avoiding mega projects that are too time consuming for the organization’s people.

For example, it is possible to gather valuable insights just by looking at what topics are on the leaders’ agenda, and on what the company is spending its time and money.